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Foggy Day Schedule

Foggy Day Procedures


On Foggy Day Schedules, School will start at the regular time, 8:00am. 

Students who do not ride the bus and/or are walkers are expected to arrive on time.


Please listen to the local radio station (93.7 FM) or T.V. stations (Channel 18, 24, 26, 30, or 47) to find out if the buses are running late. Please have your child be on time at the bus stop/pickup area.


Plan A             1 Hour delay

Plan B              2 Hour delay

Plan C              3 Hour delay

Plan X              No buses, but school is still in session.


All walkers are expected to be at school on time during Foggy day schedule.


On regular days, there may be a delay in pickup time for all George Christian Education students. Please have your child remain at the pickup area until bus arrives. If you have any questions please call our office for further information, if the bus is not on time.