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Adult Education

Registration for 2022-23 has started!

Please come and visit our office to sign up for classes. All classes are online courses. 
Inscripciones ya comenzaron para 2022-23!
 Por favor de visitarnos a nuestra oficina para inscribirse a clases. Todas clases seran en line. 
DIRECTOR/Director : Holly Crivelli 
SECRETARY/Secretaria: Francisca Bravo
TEACHERS/Maestros:  Lupe Magallanes - ESL Courses/Citizenship/Diploma/ABE
All classes have gone virtual!  Todas las clases son virtuales! 
We have now moved to a new location on Palo Alto Street behind Dos Palos High School (Approximately on 1610 Palo Alto Street in Dos Palos, CA). 
We will continue to serve our community, please come by our office to sign up for classes at 22368 South 6th Street South Dos Palos, CA 93665. 
Phone number/Numero telefonico:   
(209) 392 - 0280